We turn brand promises into experiences that convert

Marketing professionals are defining insanity! Why?

Because they keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Too often they: use old tools in conventional ways, rely on the old agency model to provide insight, rely on marketers’ intuition rather than testing, consider the launch of a website the goal instead of the starting point, and much too often they communicate in terms of their agendas and not their customers’.

In less than twenty years we have gone from a world where people were targets to be force-fed a company message until it bubbled up from the subconscious to a world where a low organic Google ranking or bad reviews on facebook can spell disaster for a fortune 500 company. Market success now relies as much on buyers actively gathering information and making a decision independently as it does on a million dollar advertising campaign and a sales force.  Efficiency measured at the CPM level has given way to individual CPC/CPA. The best ad, image, headline button color no longer have to be the say of HIPO but can measured with an accuracy of a half percent with a level of confidence of 95%.

Today the brand experience begins just as often through a mobile device as it does through a mailing. As recently as forty months ago mobile search in North America was measured in the thousands of users; now the number of individuals accessing websites via an iPad surpassed that number in the time it took to read the last three paragraphs.

For professionals and consumers the world has changed drastically. Market dynamics and economic conditions require marketing departments do the same.  The best talent no longer reside solely in agencies, they are frequently crowd-sourced through innovative organizations. It is with this approach d6 Creative resolves your challenge.

The d6 Creative team is built dynamically and with the best of internal and external members.  This results in project teams where not just one or two individuals are subject matter experts, but every member has deep subject matter expertise all focused on taking your brand promises and turning them into messages and experiences that convert.

Converting visitors to customers begins with the creative