Dimension 6 Creative, Inc. is a virtual, digital creative and marketing agency!  There we said it.  It’s not a bad word.  It is however, a very cost-effective way to get amazing results from your marketing dollars.  Dimension 6 Creative was launched in 2003 by principal and creative director Stephen Kramer. We have over 30 years of experience in developing strategic marketing solutions and delivering award winning creative for our clients. 
We work with a variety of companies in all stages of maturity from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in several different industries including; technology, healthcare, real estate and consumer brands.  
We utilize a very talented and scalable team of contract, agency trained professionals for every aspect of your project.  This reduces overhead as you are just paying for people actually working directly on your project, allowing us to be very efficient with both time and money to give you dynamic and strategic interactive experiences that convert!
At Dimension 6 Creative, we believe good marketing and creative starts with great planning and research. We then develop powerful concepts precisely targeted to your audience, which are then executed with solid design and development. To best build your brand experience, we utilize all 6 dimensions: height, width, depth, sound, motion and interactivity, which enables us to create engaging targeted campaigns that turn your viewers into buyers.

Customer service is paramount to our approach. Dimension 6 Creative walks you through the process of developing a strong brand presence through traditional print and new media. We take pride in our work and deliver results to build your company brand without breaking the bank.
Many agencies ramble on about their agency philosophy but we like to keep it really simple. We know you value your time and budget, which is why we work tirelessly to deliver the best work possible within your budget and timeline. At d6creative we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch work for all your projects both large and small.
Since we are nimble and scalable, d6creative is the clear choice for building the brand experience for your company to convert your users into customers.
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