Good user interface design equates to good usability. Good usability starts with a solid understanding of how users navigate digital experiences. We understand site flow and user-centric behavior and pride ourselves on designing award winning interactive projects that are clean, beautifully designed and highly functional with an emphasis on conversions. 
We have been designing websites and interactive media for over 20 years for many large fortune 500 companies from micro-sites and landing pages to enterprise level corporate websites and e-commerce solutions. We also believe in being platform agnostic and feel that every project is different and therefore has different technology and functionality needs. We will recommend the platform, content management solution, shopping cart or interactive tool that best fits the client’s needs and budget.
User Interface Design • Responsive Design • Information Architecture • Prototyping • Front/Back-end Development • eCommerce • Landing Pages • E-Blasts • Banner Ads • Interactive Demos • QR Codes • Presentations • Storyboarding • 2D & 3D Animation • Video Production • Voiceover
Amazon is the #1 e-commerce marketplace in the US. In fact, Amazon’s share of the US e-commerce market is 45% and Amazon ranked 9th in global internet traffic engagement! Amazon has roughly 200M shoppers per month and 9/10 shoppers price check on Amazon. Also, there are 150M+ Prime members shopping on Amazon right now.
So, if you are not selling on Amazon...YOU ARE NOT SELLING. We have developed a marketing and sales strategy for Amazon that gets results. This strategy includes; product positioning, search and display, A+ content, product reviews nurturing, advertising and even branding and packaging for Amazon.
We have been developing sales and marketing strategies and A+ content for all sizes of companies from small sellers to Fortune 500 companies since 2010 and helping them increase their sales and grow their Amazon business.  Let us build your brand experience on Amazon and increase your sales too!
KEY AMAZON & E-COMMERCE MARKETING SERVICES                                                                           Amazon Marketing and Sales Strategy • Product Positioning • Amazon A+ Content, Design and Development • Amazon Advertising • Amazon Search and Display • Amazon Account Management • E-Commerce Strategy • E-Commerce Site Design and Development • SEO/SEM • Product Branding • White Labeling, Packaging and Product Insert Design • Product Photography
Digital marketing is about finding the right channels for engaging target audiences & creating positive customer experiences. We are experts in utilizing digital channels to connect with customers in both rational & emotional ways using insights, ideas and technology.
We understand that digital is a state of mind. Digital allows you to have ongoing dialogue with your customers. We can help you harness the power of the internet to transform ideas into engaging & effective digital marketing campaigns. We understand listening, being relevant, creating conversation, delivering targeted traffic, measuring results, and adapting to seize new opportunities. We thrive on helping our clients build brand affinity, increase market share & garner top-line growth.
Corporate and Product Branding • Corporate Identity and Systems • Brand Guidelines • Email Marketing • Interactive PDFs • Customer Relationship Marketing • Lead Nurturing • Targeted Online Media Buys • Online Brand Protection • Segmentation Marketing • Loyalty Marketing • Social Marketing • Online Public Relations Strategy • Content Development • Clinical/Medical Writing • Integrated Marketing
Great design starts with effective communication.  Effective communication starts with understanding the target audience and developing the best contextual and visual messaging to relate the concept to that audience.
At Dimension 6 Creative, we have spent the past 25 years designing print media for some of the biggest fortune 500 companies in many industries including Technology, Healthcare and Life Sciences.  Print marketing and advertising is not going away with the push towards interactive media and we can help you develop targeted print marketing campaigns that can stand alone as an advertising tool or integrate beautifully into an online campaign as well.  We believe that print collateral needs a strong concept to be a quick read as you have a small window to get the viewers attention and in order to market to them.

Print Collateral • Trade Show Graphics • Presentations • Advertising • Iconography • Photography Art Direction • Display Advertising • Informational Graphics • Medical & Technical Illustration • Direct Mailers • Packaging & Product inserts  • Editorial and Book Layout • Media Kits
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